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Tax Services

Here at Metro Business Service, we put you first.  We help businesses balance books and create financial statements, payroll creation, and tax preparation all with a friendly smile.  We help our clients keep track of their tax related income and expenses.  We prepare business and personal tax filings for our clients, and we make sure our clients understand and meet all their tax deadlines.  We value you as a client and strive to help your business thrive!

Book Balancing and Financial Statements

We find the amount that is truly available for spending and is usually calculated as the bank balance less checks that have yet to clear, deposits in transit, or other deductions from the account.

Payroll Creation

Payroll is a set of employees whose pay you process with a single frequency, for example, weekly or monthly. You can define as many payrolls as you require to meet the pay policies of your enterprise. You put an employee on a payroll by assigning him or her to the payroll.

Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns for individuals and small businesses.  We help our clients understand their tax related responsibilities and we interview clients to obtain any information on taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances.

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